by: Bro. Jimmy Harris
Master Faribault #9 A.F.&A.M.
Faribault, MN

 Just before we were to tyle before our last stated meeting a very elderly man came into the Temple. I went over to introduce myself as Master of the Lodge. 


The gentleman asked if he might be able to receive his Fellow Craft Degree.  He said he had been regularly initiated here 60 years ago.


Astonished I asked why it had taken him so long to return. 


He replied, “I was learning to subdue my passions and now I am ready to improve myself in Masonry.”


by: Bro. Bob


One day a man goes shooting with some friends, he is given a dog for the day and told that it is a very inexperienced dog but is very willing and will do anything it is told.  Its name was Entered Apprentice.


A few years later the same man went shooting again and asked for

Entered Apprentice again, he was told that as the dog was older, with more experience its name had been changed, it was still a very good dog, not as quick as it used to be but new what it was doing. Its new name was Master Mason.


A few years later still the man returns and again asks for Master Mason, this time he was told the dogs name had been changed to Past Master but it was no longer a working dog as all it did all day was sit around barking.


by: J. Moore

Friend: "When did you start wearing earrings?"
Mason: "Since my wife found it with my regalia."

by: Steve Sharp, Sr.
(Senior Warden, Ionic #94, Cherry Hill, NJ - 2002)

Question: How many masons does it take to screw-in a light bulb?

Answer: 12 (a dozen), One to screw it in, One to hold the ladder
and Ten on the sidelines saying; That not the way it used to be done!

by: J. Moore


A new brother returns home after his initiation. His curious wife asks, "Well, what happened?". Our new brother tries to evade the question as long as he can without upsetting his wife.


Eventually he responds, "Well, first they lead me into a dark room,
and then a light appeared and illuminated a beautiful nude young woman".

Our brother's wife shockingly asks, "did you look at her?". Her husband responds, "Of course I did, I joined the Freemasons, not the Oddfellows".


by: Gary Wolfe
(Junior Warden, Long Pine Lodge No. 136, Long Pine, NE - 2001)


A man had just returned from an extended business trip and was feeling very amorous and wanting time alone with his wife. They convinced the older children to go to the movies.


But little Bobby refused to go along.

Finally, Dad hit upon something to keep Bobby busy. He told Bobby that he would pay him $5.00 for every red hat that went by. But he had to sit on the curb to count the hats and that he would check on Bobby after awhile.

After a short while Bobby ran into the house and began knocking on his parents bedroom door and began yelling: "DAD IF YOU THINK YOU'RE BEING SCREWED IN THERE YOU OUGHT TO COME OUTSIDE! THERE'S A SHRINER'S CONVENTION GOING BY!"



The case with the silk stockings


Bro John and Bro Mike are getting dressed and ready for a lodge meeting.


When John takes his apron out of the case, Mike notices a pair of silk stockings unrolling and hanging out of the case.

Mike asks: "I say, John, what's this with the ladies stuff ?"

John gives a quick look and whispers:  "You remember the installation meeting last year ?"


Mike acknowledges and John goes on: "Keep it a secret, but on the way home I stopped at the pub where I met this lovely female. Apparently she lost her stockings in my car, and my wife found them.  I told her I was passed to a higher degree, and ever since she takes 'm out of the case washes them and puts them back in with my gloves!"




Pat & Bill had been Lodge Brothers for many years.


They had promised each other long ago that the first to go to the Grand Lodge above would return to tell the other whether there really were Lodges in Heaven and what they were like.


By and by, it came to pass that Bill went first.


One day shortly after, Pat was working in his garden when he heard a whispered voice, "Pssst Pat!" He looked around but saw nothing.


A few moments later he heard, now quite clearly "Pat! Its me, Bill!"


"Bill" Pat exclaimed, "are you in Heaven?"


"Indeed I am" said Bill.


Pat paused for a while to get over the shock and then said "Well, Bill, are there Lodges up there in Heaven?"


"There certainly are, Pat. There are Lodges all over and they are quite magnificent, equal or better to Great Queen Street. The meetings are well attended, the ritual is word perfect, the festive board fantastic and the spirit of Masonic Fellowship is all pervasive."


"My goodness, Bill," said Pat, " It certainly sounds very impressive but for all that you seem rather sad.


Tell me old friend, what is the matter."


"Well, Pat, you are right. I have some good news and some bad."


"OK, What’s the good news?"


"The good news is that we are doing a 3rd this coming Wednesday"


"Great" said Pat.


"What's the bad news then?"


"You're the Senior Deacon!"



What shall we do with the body?


A story that made the rounds a few years ago as "gospel truth" involved a Brother on a hunting trip in the wild of Maine.

Day after day of his vacation was eaten up without a deer.

On the last day , as he was about to give up in desperation he heard a crashing in the woods: saw a glimpse of brown and fired.


Rushing over to where he fired, he found that he had killed a bull moose which is protected from hunters to save it from extinction.

As he stood there staring at the dead moose, a Game Warden stepped out into the clearing.


Our brother found his hands involuntarily raised in a certain position, "What shall we do with the body?"


"Dress it out, you damn fool," said the Warden, " and make your escape"



by: Thurman D. Bevlin P.M.

(Secretary of Turkey Creek Lodge No. 248 F. & A.M.,Turkey Creek, FL)


There is the incident of the Irish cop who stopped a car full of Shriners for speeding.

When he was that they were wearing fezes he said, "Oh! Your Shriners are you? Then I'll let you off this time because they do a lot of good.  BUT if you were Masons I'd run you all in."


by: Lars Holstad
(St.Andrew Lodge St. Eystein Trondheim, NORWAY)


 I found this text on a 1cup in a lodge in Ireland:




Masonic Conspiracy

by: piper@msn.com


A fella was being hanged for horse thieving in the old west.


As he was placed on the gallows, the hangman asked if he had any last words..


The fella said "yes, I just want to say that this whole thing is a Masonic conspiracy."

"The man who owns the horse is a Mason, and the Sheriff and most of the Posse were masons."

"The Judge is a Mason, and so were both of the attorneys."

"And I know I saw Masonic pins on the lapels of most of the jury.”


"Ridiculous" said the hangman, "you were caught and convicted, fair and square....
now; step off with your left foot by one upright regular step...”



The Gavel
by: khunakii@ix.netcom.com

 You might wish to give your newly installed Master,
at the time the gavel is turned over to him,
a little card to let him know what the gavel is for.

A Gavel is a Mallet for Making Members More Mannerly
when they are Muttering, Mumbling, Murmuring and Munching
while the Master is Mentioning Memorable Matters to the Membership."

Will a secretary go to heaven?

by: khunakii@ix.netcom.com


If a Secretary writes a letter, it's too long.
If he sends a postal, it's too short.
If he doesn't send a notice, he is lazy.
If he attends a committee meeting, he is butting in.
If he stays away, he is a shirker.
If he duns the members for dues, he is insulting.
If he fails to collect the dues, he is slipping.
If he asks for advice, he is incompetent.
If he does not, he is bull-headed.
If he writes his reports complete, they are too long.
If he condenses them, they are incomplete.
If he talks on a subject in Lodge, he is trying to run things.
If he remains quiet, he has lost interest in the meeting.
>.........Ashes to Ashes.............<

>.........Dust to Dust............<
>.........If others won't do it...........<

The Secretary must!!!!!



by: hwerle@domeprint.com


Three Jewish men sitting is a Pub with a Lodge on the upper floors.


While enjoying their evening, they kept seeing men in Tuxedos walking up the stairs.


Naturally puzzled, one said "I'm going to see what they are doing", so he proceeded to sneak up the back stairs.


Later on the other two were wondering what happened to their friend.


Just then he comes running down the stairs and up to his friends in a panic yelling:  "let's get out of here!"


His friends ask why? And he proceeds to tell them that everything was fine till he saw them hit this guy in the head wrap him in a blanket and he said "that was bad enough ... but then they started saying they were looking for the Jew below"...





by: visioncare@mail.is-1.net.au


The local doctor was called to the house of the Senior Deacon whose wife was seriously ill.


"Please doctor, save her," cried the Deacon.


"I'll pay anything, even if I have to sell everything I own."


"But what if I can't save her?" asked the doctor shrewdly.


"I'll pay you whether you cure her or kill her!" cried the Deacon.


A week later the poor woman died. The doctor sent the Deacon a huge bill.


The Deacon suggested they went to the Grand Lodge and let the Grand Secretary arbitrate and they would both be bound by the decision.


This was agreed.


The Grand Secretary who knew the doctors reputation asked, "What was the agreement?"


"He agreed to pay me for treating his wife weather I cured her or killed her"


"And did you cure her?"




"Did you kill her?"


"Certainly not!" replied the doctor.


Said the Grand Secretary, "Under what contract are you claiming your fees?"



by: piper@msn.com

 Question: How many masons does it take to screw-in a light bulb?

Answer: I can't tell you. It's a secret !



Masonic Brew...


It was a humid, hot summer night in an Irish lodge in the Far East and the air-conditioner in the temple had broken down.


After sweating their way through part of the ritual, the W:. M:. addressed the new candidate, asking him what he most desired.


"A beer...." gasped the candidate.


"Light! light!" whispered the conductor franticly into his ear.


"Oh yes....", exclaimed the candidate. "A lite beer !"


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